Upholstery Basics Series to Brighten Your home This Spring!

Upholstery can add color to any room and breathe new life into old furniture.  Upholstery is a much less expensive option than buying new furniture.  Beyond that, the sky is the limit as far as patterns and materials so you always end up with a custom look!

upholstery basics

I, like many, was intimidated by the upholstery process but this winter decided to delve into it headlong! Although it does take some time none of the steps in upholstery are particularly complicated.  If you can follow instructions and use a staple gun you are well on your way.

So, as an introduction here is an over-simplified view of how to upholster anything.

The Three Basic Steps to Upholstery

1.   Find out how much fabric you will need.  If you Google “upholstery chart” you will find many guides to determine how much fabric you need for your particular project.  I always buy more than I need especially if it has a pattern that I want to match up.

2. Strip furniture noting the order in which you remove panels of fabric.

3.  Replace new fabric in the opposite order you removed the old panels.

Below are some pictures of my most recent projects.  Extensive tutorials coming soon!!

Toddler Bed

toddler bed

Arm Chair (in progress)

arm chair


2 thoughts on “Upholstery Basics Series to Brighten Your home This Spring!

  1. Love it! Where were your helpful hints back when I stripped my beautiful old couch? Just a baby, I’m pretty sure. At any rate, I look forward to your tutorials. The ones you have posted so far have been wonderful!!! Keep it up!

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