Freedom Charting: How You Can Get Out of Debt Quickly

If you are like me you probably have roughly $20,000 debt you are eternally paying off. Never ending monthly payments and interest seem to be keeping you broke even though you have a good paying job. Student debt is becoming a national crisis with more graduates than ever leaving college thousands of dollars in debt and no job prospects to speak of. We had been plugging along nicely paying off our minimum monthly payments but there seemed to be no end[Read more]

The Real Reason You Are Beautiful

Art forms like painting, music or sculpture, celebrate the lives we live.  They are an outward expression of our inner most being.  A replication of times-gone-by in order to immortalize a moment or situation. Likewise, fashion is an art form meant to celebrate the body, not condemn it to irrelevant standards. So, why have we let the fashion industry steal our joy and dignity when it comes to fashion?  Why have we yielded for so long and tried to change[Read more]

Finding Yourself in Motherhood

So, you’ve had a baby in the past year.  You’ve read every parenting book, you know every method.  You have gobs of baby stuff. You are prepared for anything.  But somehow you are feeling uncertain about your role as mom, so what gives? It was April of 2012 that I saw those two pink lines that would change my life forever. My pregnancy was pretty text-book. First-trimester was filled with morning sickness and strange cravings. We were living in a remote[Read more]