The Real Reason You Are Beautiful

Art forms like painting, music or sculpture, celebrate the lives we live.  They are an outward expression of our inner most being.  A replication of times-gone-by in order to immortalize a moment or situation. Likewise, fashion is an art form meant to celebrate the body, not condemn it to irrelevant standards. So, why have we let the fashion industry steal our joy and dignity when it comes to fashion?  Why have we yielded for so long and tried to change[Read more]

Decking Out Your Deck: DIY Hanging Planter Tutorial

It seemed impossible to garden when we moved into our north-facing, second-story apartment.  Fortunately, I was able to find a spot on our deck that got some sunshine in the afternoon.  My next challenge was how to keep my 16 month old from digging in the dirt and pulling up all the plants?!  My solution: create a hanging herb garden and get the pots up high.  I had seen some hanging tomato bags at the garden store but I just[Read more]