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Life, Liberty, Fashion.

Elizabeth Ludden . Objective:  Make the world lovely.  Execution: Love, Expose injustice, Decorate the heck out of life.

Meet the Authur

Elizabeth Ludden grew up in the Northern Virginia area.

When she was a child her grandmother taught her fashion drawing and she has been hooked ever since.

She has dedicated the last ten years of her life to learning the craft of pattern drafting for fashion design.

Elizabeth has also spent recent years learning the art of upholstery and transforming rooms into beautiful spaces.

In addition to physically bringing beauty to spaces and clothing, Elizabeth Ludden is a mother on a mission to use fashion as a way to honor bodies. challenging the status quo set by the fashion industry.

You will find throughout the Elizabeth Ludden site posts challenging the status quo set by the fashion industry.

“This is the new standard for fashion I hope to create: that fashion be the outward color and joy of an inward soul.” -Elizabeth Ludden

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